Over the years we have been asked all types of questions. We have compiled some of those common questions and answers. If you don't find your answers here, please contact us.


QWhat is a typical day at Astro Kennels for my pet?
ADogs get four individual walks (minimum) per day in a grassy field, starting at 6:30 a.m. and ending around 8:30 p.m. Our typical feeding times are 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., but if you do something different at home we will be happy to feed at different times for your dog. We offer a variety of extra activities that you can schedule for your dog including extra play times, peanut butter Kongs, doggy ice cream, swim times, etc. Cats staying at Astro also usually have two feeding times per day unless requested otherwise. Each cat has their own, private condo with a separate litter room. We also have a large play area that we let each cat go to stretch their legs daily.
QWhat do I need to bring for my pet’s stay?
AYou can bring anything you want or nothing at all! Each pet has an area for their belongings so their items will stay with them. We ask that you still label your things in case we need to wash something. 

Astro provides a “house” kennel food for dogs and cats, but we strongly recommend bringing your pet’s own food if they have a sensitive stomach. It is easiest for our staff if you put their food in individual marked bags but this is not required.

We can provide bedding, or you may bring something that “smells like home”. Please keep in mind that we try to wash everything before it is sent home. 

We ask that you do not bring bowls unless it is for a specific reason (elevated, slow feed, etc). This is because many of our dishes look just like yours, causing confusion when we wash them and some bowls are ceramic and are easily breakable. 

Please feel free to bring whatever toys and treats your pet will enjoy while staying with us. However, if your pet is not used to a certain toy or treat, we ask that you do not bring it. We do not want your pet to “overindulge” on a toy or treat they’ve never had and ingest it. 

Medications can be administered at any needed time and are not an extra charge. Please bring all medication in the original bottle to ensure proper administration.
QWhat are the requirements for boarding my pet?
APlease see our “Vaccination Requirements” page for all recommended and required vaccines. There are no exceptions to these requirements because we want to keep everyone healthy and happy. We also require that all paperwork be filled out prior to using our facility.
QWhat is the difference in an indoor/outdoor vs. indoor only kennel?

No matter what type of kennel your dog stays in, they will ALWAYS receive four walks per day. Indoor/outdoor kennels have a dog door that allows them to go to the covered outdoor area. The indoor area is private so the dogs are unable to see other dogs but the outdoor area is fenced where they can see each other but not interact. At night we close the dog door for safety. Please visit www.youtube.com/astrokennels for a virtual tour of these kennels. Indoor only kennels do not have an outdoor area and are more private. This may be a good option if your dog is unsure of other dogs or nervous in a boarding situation.

QDo you have breed restrictions?
ANo. We accept any temperament, any breed and any challenge! We pride ourselves in having individual kennels that can be adapted for the strongest of personalities. Our staff is trained in handling any dog or cat, no matter what the circumstance.
QWill my pet interact with other animals staying at your facility?

Only if you want them to. The four walks that are included in your pet’s stay are individual. However, if you want your dog to interact with other dogs we offer extra playtimes where they can play with our daycare dogs or you may choose extra playtime with just a staff member.

QHow often do you clean my pet’s area?
AIf your pet makes a mess in their area it will be cleaned immediately. We have set times throughout the day when we clean every kennel; however, your pet will not wait for this time if they have made a mess.
QDo I get charged for the day I drop off and pick up my pet?
AYou are charged for whatever day you drop off, no matter what time. If you pick up before noon (except for Sunday) you will not be charged for that day.
QHow far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
AWe suggest making your reservation as soon as you know the dates you will need to board your pet. We tend to book up fast whenever school is out (holidays, summer, etc.)
QWhat is your cancellation policy?
AIf your plans change, we ask that you please change or cancel your reservation as soon as possible to ensure a different spot for your pet or to open a spot for someone else. During the holidays we require a 72 hour cancellation in order to be refunded your holiday deposit.
QDo you have a vet on call?
AIf your pet requires medical attention while in our care we will make every effort to take them to your veterinarian of choice. If for some reason this is not possible, we will take them to a trusted clinic of our choice. All medical issues after hours will go to the Animal Emergency Clinic.