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Meet the visionaries behind the Astro Kennels brand:

Dave & Cheri Milan

Dave and Cheri Milan opened Astro Kennels in 2008, to provide a state-of-the-art boarding and training facility for the Five Forks and surrounding areas; a fun “home away from home” for clients’ pets. After nine years of growth, they expanded the Astro Kennels brand and opened Astro Kennels 2, located in the Mauldin area of Greenville. They have bred English Springer Spaniels and German Shepherds for companionship and working K9s for 20 years. Both Dave and Cheri have been active members of SC Foothills K9 Search & Rescue since its inception in 2006, and Cheri is also the team’s president. She and her GSD “Mato” are a certified Human Remains Detection K9 team, and respond for law enforcement and emergency agencies in SC and surrounding areas. Mato is her third K9 partner with Foothills. Cheri also brings CJ, her English Springer Spaniel, to work with her every day so he can play with his Astro friends in doggie daycare. Dave is an experienced search and rescue handler and trainer, Dave Milan has managed countless successful search and rescue missions in the upstate of South Carolina and the southeast region. He boasts decades of canine experience to include breeding, importing and training. 


Jamie Milan Wannemacher

General Manager

Jamie has been the Manager of Astro Kennels since shortly after they opened their doors in April 2008. After graduating from the University of South Carolina, Jamie moved back to Simpsonville and fell in love with her family's newest adventure: Astro Kennels. As a child, her family raised and bred English Springer Spaniels until they discovered the world of the German Shepherd Dog. Now they breed and train German Shepherds for everything from pets to police work dogs and search and rescue. Jamie is a proud member of Foothills Search & Rescue where she is frequently deployed on searches with her German Shepherd partner, Nolan. When she isn't working at the kennel or volunteering with Foothills Search & Rescue, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her husband and their two children, Bristol and Milan.

Jennifer Barton

Jennifer Barton began her career at Astro Kennels in 2015. Her favorite part about her job is the lasting relationships that she creates with the dogs and their owners. She admires the intelligence and loyalty of our canine companions and she especially enjoys watching the puppies grow up in our programs. When she’s not busy at work she enjoys spending time with her children, Cory and Mckensey, and their three dogs, Ava, Spike, and Loki.

Additional Astro "Pack" Members:

Kayce Fisher

Marketing Director

Kayce joined the Astro team shortly after we opened our doors in 2008. She spent almost five years working as an office team member before leaving to finish her college degree. She graduated from University of South Carolina Upstate with her Bachelor of Arts in Communications in May 2014. She returned to Astro shortly after to take over Astro’s marketing division. Kayce is the creative vision behind Astro’s social marketing campaigns and she especially enjoys being able to capture the spirit and personalities of the dogs that visit us through cute pictures and informative videos. Outside of Astro, Kayce is a yoga-enthusiast and she loves to spend time with her family, her husband, Matt, and their three dogs, George, Emma, and Chanel.


Karly Lark

Day Care Supervisor

Karly Lark joined the Astro team in 2015. Karly first started working with dogs when she was a teenager and she was immediately hooked. It's said that some people have a natural way with dogs and Karly is absolutely one of those people. As a day care supervisor, Karly is extremely intuitive when it comes to understanding canine body language and behavior. Matching day care play groups up is something that she is tasked with on a daily basis and this is an area that she excels in. Karly enjoys getting to know every dog that visits us and she strives to ensure that every dog has the best day when they're at Astro. When she's not at work, Karly enjoys spending time with her pack of seven dogs, her daughter, Keilah, and her husband, Brian.