Watch the 4th Ranked Dock Diver, Doni, at the Open House event!

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Watch the 4th Ranked Dock Diver, Doni, at the Open House event!

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It all started about 6 years ago when Deb Feller and her partner, Laurie, attended at dockdog competition at SEWE (Southeast Wildlife Expo) in Charleston.

Both were thrilled by the dogs and and the competitive nature of the event.  Deb said, "the next water loving pup we have, is going to do this!"

Time passed and 1 year later Deb was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Four surgeries and six months of chemotherapy later, Deb was exhausted and somewhat defeated.  Laurie had a plan,  puppies! Puppies make everyone happy!  And especially Deb.


Doni, and his litter mate, Sirius's Black (Harry Potter's godfather), came to live with them.  During the six weeks post chemo before returning to work Deb spent 24/7 with the pups.Upon Deb's return to work both puppies had all basic commands and we're launching from the side of a pool.


Sirius, was Deb and Laurie's son and daughter-in-laws puppy.  When Gentry and Macy (USMC family) were stationed in California, Sirius moved to California with them.  Sirius was six months old.


Doni competed in his first dockdog event at two years oldin charleston at SEWE.

He placed in all three disciplines and received a warrior Iron dog score.  

Two weeks later, at a Dock Dogs event in Georgetown, SC he shocked every one by scoring first place in Big Air finals and first place Titan Iron dog. 

This was the beginning of the Dockdog journey for Team Skinnydip.

Later that year Deb and Doni won 2nd place in Elite division at the 2014 World Championship. Deb and Laurie's granddaughterKaitie, won 1st place in Youth Handler division.  Kaitie went on to handle Doni in 2015, she and Doni won many accolades.  At the 2015 World Championship, Kaitie was name Youth Handler of the year and Doni was awarded Top Ranked Yellow Lab of 2015. Third in speed retrieve and seventh in super elite finals with Kaitie handle lying.  


Sirius came home to Charleston in spring of 2015 as Gentry moved duty stations to Buford, SC.  Sirius's dockdog training and conditioning started immediately.  His first event was SEWE 2015.  He was successful in all three events, and had a warrior ID score.  His journey took him and Macy to the 2015 world championship, Sirius place first in every discipline he entered.  1st cadet EV, 1st warrior ID.

Team Skinnydip has two more members of the pack.  Fitzgerald (Fitz) his handler, Amanda  Feller, is Deb's cousin.  He is an exuberant 18 month old that holds a great deal of promise.  He placed first place in Speed retrieve and first place in Master big air finals at Georgetown SC April 9, 2016.

The newest addition to the pack is Ella, she is a 6 month old "goldador" golden/lab hybrid. She is handled by Laurie and Kaitie.  Ella successfully competed at Georgetown in speed retrieve and big air.


Personal bests:


Big Air 27'9".    Currently ranked #1 in club rankings and #4 in national

Extreme Vertical : 6'10"

Speed retrieve: 6.954

Iron dog: 3009



Big air:  23'0"

Extreme vertical: 6'8"

Speed retrieve 7.363

Iron dog: 2903



Big air: 22'9"

Extreme vertical: 5'10"

Speed retrieve 6.904

Iron dog: 2894



Big air: 8'2"

Speed retrieve 13.271

Top 2 pics are Doni, Sirius Black, Fitzgerald, Ella 

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