*New* Remote Collar Obedience class!

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*New* Remote Collar Obedience class!

Increase the reliability of your dog's obedience with our remote collar class. This four-week class educates owners on how to effectively reinforce desired behaviors and correct unwanted behaviors. A remote collar is an excellent tool for establishing clear and precise communication between you and your best friend. To enroll in this class, your dog must be at least 6-months-old and it is required that your dog wears the remote collar intermittently while supervised for at least one week (two weeks is ideal) prior to the first class. This will help prevent your dog from becoming "collar wise" and only responding to commands when they know the collar is on. While it is not required, it is recommended that your dog has an understanding of basic obedience commands prior to taking the remote collar class. This class will begin February 7th, 2018 at 6:30pm at our Five Forks location and will run for four weeks. Pricing: $299 per dog, pre-registration is required prior to first class. The price of the class includes the Mini Educator remote collar by E-Collar Technologies. Instructors: Stephanie Sargent and Colin Fendley. 

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