Whether you're seeking obedience training or behavior modification to address unwanted behaviors such as aggression or resource guarding, our experienced team of trainers is here to help. All of our customized training programs begin with a training assessment. Clients will bring their dog(s) to our facility and meet with one of our skilled trainers. Clients will discuss their training goals and any specific behavioral issues they may be experiencing. From there, the trainer will briefly work with the dog(s) and provide clients with their best recommendation for a training plan, and pricing for our various training programs. Assessments are priced at $40 and take approximately 30-60 minutes. Training assessments can be scheduled Monday - Saturday at our Five Forks location, and on Monday or Wednesday at our Mauldin location. Listed below are our various training programs which are completely customized around each individual dog and owner. 

  • Boot Camp Training (in kennel):
    • Boot camp training offers a more extensive personalized training while providing a consistent method. Typically, boot camp training is done over one or two weeks but can be extended depending on the individual dog and type of training. Boot camp training consists of short, regimented training sessions each day. Upon completion of a boot camp training stay, the trainer will meet with the owner for a 1-on-1 training session to ensure that owners can remain consistent after training has been completed. 

  • Day Board & Train:
    • Day board & train is one of our most popular training programs. Clients drop their dog off in the morning for training and pick-up that same day. Day board & train dogs receive several training sessions throughout the day working towards their individual training goals. Day board & train can cover obedience, socialization, behavior modification, and more, based on what the trainer and owner agreed upon in the training assessment. 

  • In-Home Training: 
    • Our in-home dog training brings our trainers to you. This training is ideal for working on specific behavior associated with the home environment. Our trainers will develop a schedule with you to establish good obedience skills and to resolve any unwanted behaviors.

  • 1-on-1 Training:
    • For clients seeking a more hands-on approach we offer 1-on-1 training sessions. These 60-minute sessions allow for clients to work directly with the trainer of their choice on achieving their training goals with their dog. 

  • Facility Rentals:
    • The Astro training dome and outdoor training field are where you will find us training on a daily basis. Either of these facilities can be rented out for private training sessions, seminars, birthday parties, or events with advanced notice for $125 per hour*. The training dome is fully climate controlled and features K9 training grass.
      • All dogs on-site are required to show proof of current Rabies, DHPP, and Bordatella vaccines.
      • Training equipment may be available by request based on availability (rate subject to change based on desired equipment).
      • * Rates are subject to change during prime hours. Please contact our office at 864-297-9636 for more information. 

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