Why Working Dogs?

The Milan family started in the dog business with English Springer Spaniels. For more than 20 years, they bred and trained Springers before realizing the capabilities of the German Shepherd Dog.

The Milan’s first working GSD was Malvina, an import from the Czech. Malvina was titled in Schutzhund and she worked like a well-oiled machine. While being a great protector, Malvina was also very friendly, which was a trait the family really liked.

Next the Milan’s acquired Denali, a German import. Denali became a protector for Jamie, Astro’s manager, while she was away at college. And protect she did. Once, she scared a vagrant away from Jamie’s car, and another time she guarded the townhouse, making Jamie and her roommate the only ones on the street who didn’t get robbed.

The Milan’s loved the German Shepherd breed so much, they decided to see what other fun things they could do with them. Little did they know, this next step would not only help to enrich their own lives, but also allow them to save other’s lives. Enter Foothills Search & Rescue.

Foothills is a non-profit search and rescue organization where members utilize dogs to help find lost and missing people. The team features all different breeds, from GSDs to Bloodhounds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds and mutts. Over the course of the years, Foothills has helped bring lost people home and has helped families have closure when a loved one goes missing.

This love for working dogs, and in particular the German Shepherd dog, has created a world-class breeding program right here in the Upstate of South Carolina. The Milan’s provide quality litters of working dogs from imported lines. These dogs go on to successfully work in the fields of odor detection, tracking, law enforcement, personal protection, PTSD service dogs, and family companionship. Whether you’re currently seeking a working dog or are interested in having your current dog assessed or trained, the Milan’s have the resources to help.

Why an Astro Working Dog?

  We provide dogs who are trained and ready to work in the real world and not the sport ring.We offer a variety of K9's from green dogs to finished working dogs. Just because you don't see the type of dog you are looking for on our website does not mean that we don't have the perfect K9 for you. If we don't have what you are looking for we can assist you in finding the right working dog for the job. Contact us for more information.

Astro Working Dogs is proud to offer K9's for the following jobs:

HRD K9's*

Personal/Executive Protection K9's

Tracking/Trailing K9's

Service K9's

*Please note, HRD K9's and HRD training programs are only offered to individuals with credentials in law enforcement, emergency management, or search and rescue due to certain requirements. 

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